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Saturday, August 16, 2008

MCA FIDE Futurity IV August 16-17, 2008

Hello everyone! I apologize for not updating this site sooner. I tried to give results during the tournament, but Blogger was experiencing technical difficulites. I was experiencing technical difficulties with the Monroi devices. I finally got ahold of the people that designed it. They told me the current set up I have was running old software and I have to download the new version. I guess that didn't occur to me. Live and learn. We will test everything out before September and we will broadcast! (I should have tested it for this tournament, sorry about that)

Ivan Wijetunge stopped by and took a picture of the outside of the club. Ivan's site:

I started out the tournament badly. Anthony Parker is a tough player and the Monrois were acting up. I went down quickly and badly. (Can anyone say fish?) I got serious after that. Florentino Inumerable finalized his FIDE rating. Anthony Parker scored his 1st FIDE Rating Norm! Congratulations to both of those guys! I really appreciated how we started out with the idea of 8 players and it grew into 12! This was mostly due to the efforts of IM Angelo Young. I am happy to support his chess club. I hope it stays open for many years to come.

USCF Crosstable

Here is the playing field:
Jeff Dixon USCF 1820
Florentino Inumerable USCF 2034
Mehmed Covic USCF 1800
Anthony Parker USCF 2052
Daniel Parmet USCF 1767

Yaodi Hu USCF 1568
Jeff Britt USCF 1792
Greg Shapiro USCF 1637

FIDE Players:
Sam Devenport 1929

Angelo Young 2367 International Master
Larry Cohen 2055
Chris Baumgartner 1792


Young-Dixon Round 5
Parmet-Cohen Round 5