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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Big Thank You!

There are members of our chess community that make me ashamed. They complain, argue, and find any fault they can. These people use bad language and generally have bad attitudes. They contribute little to chess.


There are people like EVANSTON chess who just contacted me. I believe that for every nay sayer out there, there are 5 other people who want to make our past time better and more respectable. I appreciate you! It is a lot of hard work to be an organizer. I organized events in Chicago for 5 years in the mid-90's. I have run about 6o+ tournaments of various sizes. I got burned out for many reasons. I returned to organizing because I saw a need where I could provide a service. I can not tell you how many people make me feel that this is the right decision! I thank each and every one of you!

Let us remember we decide our fate. We will make chess respectable by our actions and words. We need to take ourselves seriously for the general population to take our organizations seriously. I see a lot of fighting off of the chess board. KEEP THE FIGHTING ON THE BOARD!! You don't have to like your fellow chessplayer, but you should learn to respect them and find a way to work together. Because the present situation keeps us in an amateur mentality. Chess does great things. I have been to more places, and met more people I would never have met without the beautiful activity that is chess. I love chess and I salute everyone else who loves chess too!! When you love something, you show your love! We need to work together. Please, our future depends on it. Thanks again for the encouraging words, Evanston chess, you don't know how your kind words helped lift my spirits!

Thank you to Arlen Walker with Wisconsin Chess Association for posting our first tournament on WisChess website!

Thank you to John Flores in Minnesota for posting us on their site!

1 comment:

Jerry Noel said...

The majority of people that complain never directed anything larger than a quad, and when they complain always do so under the blanke of anonimity. I dismiss them as whiners that can't do anything else.