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Friday, February 1, 2008

An Excellent Question

I mentioned in my first post that I welcomed constructive feedback. I have been asked by numerous USCF players why they would want a FIDE rating. This is an excellent question! It deserves an answer. Here is my response on one of the comment pages:

Why should you get a FIDE rating? I agree with the sentiment, why get out of bed in the morning? Why climb a mountain? Because it is what you want to do. The FIDE rating must be EARNED. When you play USCF you can lose every game and get a rating. This is NOT so with FIDE. You are forced to perform. You must earn it. There was a time it was very difficult to earn even a rating. The minimum rating was 2000. FIDE finally realized there was a vast market untapped and so they relaxed the requirements, but there are still requirements nontheless. The FIDE rating is recognized at ANY ORGANIZED TOURNAMENT ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. You have an opportunity to "start over" if you would like. Are you 1500 USCF? Maybe if you work hard, you can start off at a higher point with FIDE. Maybe you will start at 1800. How many times in life do you get a do over? The tournaments are held to a higher standard, the rules are more strict. The forfeit for the cell phone ringing came from FIDE and was adopted by USCF. I hope that gives you a few reasons to want a FIDE rating. But no one can give you desire.

And another poster added that the time control is different. FIDE was smart to adopt the Fischer add time option. You get 30 seconds with every move. Gone will be the days a higher rated can't outplay you in the position, but tries to "clock" you. This difference will have a dramatic effect in game quality. If you play 60 moves, you are basically playing G/120 (minutes) Thanks for the feedback!


iw said...

Are you playing in the Team tournament in Milwaukee Feb. 16-17?

How many people do you expect for the March 8-9 tournament? How many FIDE rated?

MCA FIDE Tournaments said...

I am not playing in the team competition. I will be visiting. It is looking like at least 20 FIDE and 70-80 total entrants at this time. This information is based on part from the Southwest Chess Club who is assisting me in this venture.

iw said...

iw said...

Let's say a FIDE rated tournament has been announced with a time control of 90 min. + 30 sec increment.

What happens if there are not enough clocks that can handle the time control?

Will the tournament be FIDE ratable if analog clocks were used with a time contol of G/120.

10:57 AM

North American Chess Association said...

Thanks for the question.

Interestingly enough I've posed this same question to one of my arbiter contacts.

Before I answer your question, from my point of view, if I am a player and I'm going to an event where an increment is being used, I will make sure I bring an increment capable clock otherwise I am at a disadvantage if I get down to a time scramble. A 5-sec delay does not compensate as a 30-sec increment does obviously.

FIDE will rate the event even with the two different time controls. When the FIDE report goes in both time controls would be listed. But this is valid only for non-title norm bearing tournaments.

The reason it wouldn't be valid in a title-norm situation is because there is an uneven playing ground in the norm hunt.

Also keep in mind that with a 30-sec increment, you are required to keep notation regardless of your remaining time. It cannot be waived at the 5-minute mark.

If I was the organizer I would make sure I have available for purchase the clocks that are increment capable.

If this is a Swiss event (which I am guessing that you are referring to the upcoming one in Wisconsin that Chris Baumgartner is organizing), then the organizer really isn't responsible for having the clocks available unless he/she advertised them as being available. If this is an invitational tournament, then the organizer should be supplying all equipment.

I hope this answers your question.

MCA FIDE Tournaments said...

I do have some extra clocks available, but the players ultimately are responsible for having the proper equipment. I did not advertise that I would supply equipment.