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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

MCA FIDE Futurity II May 3-4, 2008, Oglesby, IL

A couple different views of the playing hall

The man who took clear 1st place, FM Alex Stamnov!

Tournament Crosstable FIDE

It was a great weekend of chess! It was my privilege to host 32 players, 8 holding FIDE ratings (Amanov from Turkmenistan, Young from Phillipines, Stamnov from Macedonia, Smith from Indianapolis, Dahl from Minneapolis, Cohen, Baumgartner, Brock). I want to thank all the players who attended and a few people who contributed to the event taking place. Colley Kitson lent us the use of his DGT board, Ron Suarez helped me obtain the site and Chris Merli directed.
Matthew Dahl received a free entry for traveling the furthest distance. Thank you to his dad for driving about 7 hours! Door prizes were handed out each round. Gwayne Lambert won the best game prize for his careful control of his game (with the black pieces!) against IM Amanov. 4 players achieved their FIDE rating norm: Barclay, Lambert, Bonwell & Goliszek. Santos got 3 FIDE rated players, but only achieved 1/2 point against them. You will do it next time!
Thank you to Sevan Muradian of North American Chess Association for bringing 12 Monroi devices. The top 6 boards were transmitted on the internet for Rounds 1-3. Sevan had a personal issue and couldn't be at the tournament on Sunday. We had internet access in the skittles room and a projector, so the players were treated to games from the Monroi site. We will transmit future tournaments on the Monroi site. The main playing hall had a projector as well which we used to transmit the DGT board from board 1. It was nice to see a few faces from the past like Bill Smythe and Bill Brock. It was nice of Bill Smythe's wife to get bottled water for the last round. I had supplied bottled water for the previous rounds, but ran out. I forgot my cooler, so I didn't serve soft drinks. I will at the next event at Joliet Junior college! Chessdad, Chessmom and chessdude were in attendance. Overall, I had a blast! I hope everyone at the event did too!
1st FM Aleksandar Stamnov 5.0 $500.00
2nd-3rd IM Angelo Young, IM Mesgen Amanov, Eric Rosen 4.0 $106.00 each
1st-2nd U2000 William Brock, Kevin Cao, John Easter, Dean Arond, Mehmed Covic 3.0 $44.80 each
1st-2nd U1800 Gwayne Lambert (Best Game $50), Thomas Rampley 3.0 $112.00 each
1st-2nd U1600 & U1400/Unr Daniel Parmet, Michal Goliszek, Carl Dolson, Kevin Davenport, Daymion Phillips 2.0 $51.20 each
Biggest upset prize went to Carl Dolson USCF 1364 for his win over Al Davenport USCF 1894
Arond-Smith Round 1